A Homeless Mother Denied Affordable Housing

How HERA Helped


When Ms. H came to HERA, she was homeless with her child and had already been denied affordable housing 4 times based on damage to her credit. Her credit problems stemmed from having agreed to co-sign a bail bond debt of about $3,000 for a close friend. Unfortunately, her friend was unable to pay the debt which resulted in negative entries on her credit report.

HERA helped the client review her credit report to see whether any other entries were dragging her score down besides this one, and we determined that clearing this one debt would increase her score. .

We worked to find funds to help her resolve the debt, and we wrote many letters of support for housing applications. After several months, the client received the funds to pay the debt off in full. After several more housing applications, we received a call from the client letting us know she was able to finally secure housing!